• Hello everyone! We are excited for our final tournament.

  • Please download tournament app below to view final schedules.

  • Please be at all games 30 minutes prior to game time. Since all games will be under the same venue we ask that you do your best to support fellow GO Hoops teams by watching and cheering each other on.

  • We will ALL meet at the Las Vegas Convention Center for practice Thursday July 18 @ 7:30 pm.

  • Just a reminder regarding parent behavior during tournaments. Please no side line coaching, yelling at referees, speaking negatively about other players or coaches to your child after the game. Please allow 24 hours to go by before contacting a coach about decisions they made.

  • Thank you to each of you and we look forward to seeing you!

6th Grade Girls

8th Grade Girls

16U Girls 

17U Girls 

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

8th Grade Boys

17U  Boys

Venue/App Download

JAM ON IT Iphone App

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Coach Contact Information

Justin Reynolds Program Director/Coach

(312) 515-2554

Mecklen Davis Coach

(406) 577-6301

Lavon Myers Coach

(562) 879-0993

Brittani Currier Coach

(970) 901-8835

Elvis Old Bull Coach

(406) 548-8817

  For Questions /  Contact Justin Reynolds  312-515-2554 or Mecklen Davis 406-577-6301

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